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If you have completed a non-qualification (Community Learning) course with us previously, you will need to enrol on a higher level course in that specific subject area.  For more information on how our funding works click here Progression Guidance

Coaching Professional L5 Apprenticeship  


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Course Summary

Course Code: AAP021  

Start Date: Saturday 01 August 2020 

Start Time and Lesson Duration: 09:00 for 06:00 hours

Duration: 40 lessons over 40 week(s)

Location: Countywide  


By continuing you confirm that you are 19 or over and have agreed to the the terms and conditions

Interview Required

Technical Support


This programme is designed for those who work with a wide range of individuals and teams across organisations, to empower and engage with them, to enhance their professional performance.

For more information please contact our apprenticeship team on 03330 139 502