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All Courses starting in September have been adapted and will initially be delivered online or via distance learning.  We will provide further updates in line with government guidance.

Advice and Guidance Apprenticeships  


Course Summary

Course Code: APP008  

Start Date: Thursday 01 August 2019 

Start Time and Lesson Duration: 00:00 for 00:00 hours

Duration: 52 lessons over 52 week(s)

Location: Countywide  

Fee: POA    

By continuing you confirm that you are 19 or over and have agreed to the the terms and conditions




These apprenticeships are offered at Levels 3 and 4. These qualifications are for those working in advice and guidance settings. Covers communication and interactions to support clients in preparing and completing their chosen actions; the knowledge required to work with legislative and procedural frameworks; working with other services through negotiation, liaison and referral; understanding and promoting careers education guidance within organisations and enabling clients learning through group work, demonstration and instruction. They are roll on, roll off courses starting at different times throughout the academic year.
For more information please contact our apprenticeship team on 03330 139 502