Advance Your Mindset  


Course Summary

Course Code: CBC2C72Y18 

Start Date: Tuesday 23 April 2019 

Start Time and Lesson Duration: 18:30 for 03:00 hours

Duration: 7 lessons over 7 week(s)

Location: ACL Chelmsford - CM1 2SB  

Fee: £123.90/£61.95    

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This is a fun, creative and spontaneous course which will assist in changing any negative mental attitudes towards yourself or others with the help of action methods and role play. It offers an introduction to basic skills bringing together body and mind and offering an insight on how to challenge unhealthy self-perceptions and learn new behaviours through group interaction. The course develops communication, confidence and awareness of self and others and places emphasis on a "learning through experience" method. It has associated applications in business, teaching, family relationships and is particularly useful for parents and anybody working with children.   



ACL Chelmsford - CM1 2SB  
Beeches Close  
CM1 2SB  

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