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FL Starting Secondary School  

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Course Summary

Course Code: DOL1C74Y23 

Start Date: Monday 15 July 2024 

Start Time and Lesson Duration: 18:30 for 02:00 hours

Duration: 1 lessons over 1 week(s)

Location: Online Live  

Fee: Free    Help 

By continuing you confirm that you are 19 or over and have agreed to the the terms and conditions

Technical Support


This session is to help you to support your childs transition into secondary school.

a) Online sessions are hosted via Microsoft Teams
b) A link will be sent to your email address between 1 to 24 hours prior to the session commencing
c) Please check your junk / spam folder, as sometimes the session links are sent here by your email provider
d) If you are signing up to a course less than 24 hours of the course start time, or after the first session has commenced, please enrol on the course and email

What s this course about?
We know that change is a normal part of life and can provide opportunities for children and young people to develop their resilience. If a child struggles with a transition it can have a negative impact on their wellbeing and academic achievement. During any transition period, it’s important that children and young people are able to talk about their concerns and are supported to cope with any readjustments. It’s important to prepare parents as well as pupils who are more likely to struggle with moving to a new school or phase of education. This is even more important for children and young people with: additional learning needs, mental health problems, behavioural problems, have changed schools often and those showing signs of anxiety. Parents and carers are often key to making sure that a child or young person has a good transition.

Who is the course for?
Any one who is a parent, grandparent or carer of a child living in Essex,

What can I expect to learn?
Within these sessions, we will discuss: - how to check in with your child or young person to find out how well they are coping academically as well as maintaining wellbeing - how to encourage you to keep an eye on how they are socialising, if they are making friends and hanging around in positive peer groups - how to link with staff within the school setting in a positive and constructive manner.

How will I learn?
This session is being facilitated by an experienced tutor.

How will I know how well I am doing?
You will be given tutor feedback at the end of each task. The tutor will work with you to support you with any individual issues that you may be experiencing.

Will I have to do any work at home ?
There will be suggestions and tips that you take away from the workshop and implement at home.

What will I need to provide?
This session in online so you will need a device which can connect to the internet.

Are there any other costs?
There are no extra costs associated with this course

What can I do next?
When you finish this course we will provide you with details about what programmes you can move on to next.

Further Information
For all enquiries regarding this course please contact either or