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Lecture Series: Demystifying The Secret  


Course Summary

Course Code: EPR2C41Y18 

Start Date: Tuesday 26 February 2019 

Start Time and Lesson Duration: 19:00 for 01:30 hours

Duration: 1 lessons over 1 week(s)

Location: ACL Colchester - CO1 2LR  

Fee: £12.75    

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Do we really create our own reality? If so how, and what are the implications?
The cutting edge theory of The Universal Law of Attraction, as highlighted in the best-selling book ‘The Secret’, has caused a stir in the personal development field and sceptics alike in recent years. Does it work, and how do CBT, quantum physics and positive psychology relate to these theories?
What if, the reality we each experience was a reflection of the sum total result of everything we think, say and do?
An evening designed to inspire and empower you, to take greater control of your thinking, attitude and actions, so that you can ultimately influence your destiny in the direction of your dreams.
Lecture includes complimentary tea and coffee.
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