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GCSE Biology (Starting Sept 24)  

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Course Summary

Course Code: WEBD103  

Start Date: Various   

Start Time and Lesson Duration:  for hours

Duration:  lessons over  week(s)

Location: To Be Advised  

Fee: £362    Help 

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This intensive course gives you the chance to gain a good understanding of fundamental biological concepts and principles. Topics include: Cell biology, Infection and response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, variation and evolution, and Ecology. This course will enable you to gain a GCSE in a science subject, which is required by many HE courses, e.g. primary teaching and midwifery. GCSE Biology can count towards the entry qualifications for Access to Higher Education courses. You are advised to check the specific entry requirements with the university of your choice. Before enrolling on the GCSE Biology course, you will need to undertake an assessment and discuss the options available to you with a tutor.

What Will Happen At My First Lesson
The first week of your course will include Study Skills. Good Study Skills are vital to ensure you gain the best from your course. The Study Skills session will give you the opportunity to discover the best way that you can learn and fully understand the requirements of the course.

Qualification Aim/Level
This is course for anyone who needs to achieve a GCSE grade 9-1 Please note that in order to enrol onto a GCSE course it is a requirement that you attend a GCSE Assessment. It is recommended that you undertake only one GCSE per year. You will be able to discuss this at your assessment. GCSE Biology

Examinations Venue Disclaimer
Please note, you may be required to travel to an alternative ACL Centre when taking your examination or assessment. This will be communicated to you at the earliest opportunity.

Who is this course for?
For any learner who, having completed the assessment successfully, wants to gain a GCSE in Biology.

What can I expect to learn?
You will follow the AQA specification for GCSE Biology. Topics include: Cell biology, Infection and response, Bioenergetics, Homeostasis and response, Inheritance, variation and evolution, and Ecology. You will participate in conducting practical laboratory experiments. These practical activities will ensure that you can experience, and be familiar with, using apparatus and techniques, and be able to apply appropriate safety procedures. If you are undertaking a daytime course, then practical laboratory sessions may be held in evening sessions. The dates and times of these will be shared with you by the tutor.

How will I learn?
Your tutor will use a number of different teaching methods to develop your skills. These will include a wide range of authentic materials, individual study, working in pairs/group activities and will include the use of video/audio. You will also have the opportunity to use online learning technologies to develop your skills. If you are enrolling onto a blended course then your class sessions will be a mix of live scheduled sessions in a virtual classroom delivered on an online platform, with some in centre sessions for practical laboratory experiments. The venue and dates of the laboratory sessions will be confirmed at the beginning of your course.

How will I know how well I am doing?
You will receive regular feedback from your tutor through practice questions and feedback from any work completed. You will also complete a personal progress record each week to help your tutor with future planning of lessons.

Will I need to do extra work at Home?
A requirement of your course is to complete a substantial amount of additional learning outside of your lesson. This will be directed by your tutor but you will also be expected to revise and practice what you have learnt in class.

What will I need to provide?
You will need to bring a pen, pencil, ruler and lined paper. It would be useful if you could bring a folder in which to keep your work.

Are there any other costs?

What can I do next?
You will be able to progress onto further studies including Access to Higher Education Diploma. Other related accredited and non accredited courses. The National Careers Service provides information, advice and guidance to help you make decisions on learning, training and work. The service offers confidential and impartial advice and is supported by qualified careers advisers. To make an appointment please call 0800 100 900 (calls are free from landlines and most mobile numbers) or visit their website

Further Information
For all enquiries regarding this course please contact 0345 603 7635.



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